• Cutline

    Inline Camera Subject Notes

    If you need camera subject notes, Cutline™ is the app for you Cutline is an iPhone camera app to make camera subject notes and store them inline with the photos you're taking. Cutline lets you quickly create photos that document Who is in your photos, What they are doing, Why they are doing it, Where it's happening, and When.
    Cutline photos by themselves document an event, but combined with related photos, the Cutline photos work as separators, marking each group of photos. Cutline photos clearly document your photos for coworkers, clients and yourself. No more transcribing notes or recordings back at the office.

    • The details are visible on the photo and in the metadata, ready to be copied.
    • Names are added as keywords, and 'Person Keywords' for Adobe Lightroom
    •  Jumpstart Lightroom Face Recognition With Named People
    • Customize for your workflow with custom star ratings and color labels.  Presets available for Adobe Bridge, Lightroom and Photo Mechanic.

  • Back at your computer

    Combine the Cutline photos with your other photos and sort by time taken.

    Copy and paste metadata from the Cutline photo to your other photos.

    People's names are added as keywords. (For LR users, they're also "Person" keywords)

    Cutline will jumpstart LR face recognition with Named People!